Overheard: She Isn’t Eating

I overheard a man on the streetcar talking on his phone.

I went to see Mom yesterday. I think the nurse was having trouble getting Mom to go to the washroom. She decided to wait until I arrived because she thought I might – right, that I could convince her. … No, actually. You’d think that, but the thing is, she gets overstimulated. It was exciting, you know, “I CAME TO VISIT!” and I knew she’d be really hard to convince once she saw me. … She can’t really function until she calms – … Well, she has to sort of talk herself down when she gets excited. … For example, when she gets into bed, the feeling of the sheet on her leg was – she was wild with the texture of it. The sensation. She had to sort of withdraw and talk to herself for awhile about it before she, you know, came back. … Yeah. So I thought it’d be good to know that before you go see her tomorrow. … No. She isn’t eating. She isn’t eating at all. But she seems okay – I mean, she doesn’t look dehydrated, or… … Right. … Exactly. … All right. Give Mom my love when you see her. Okey doke. Bye, Janice.

And I just thought – no one wants to be an elderly woman in a nursing home. But if you have to be one? How lovely to be in the mindset of a six month old baby. Wild with joy over the feel of a sheet on your legs.