Overheard: It Was Animal

I overheard two co-workers talking at a coffeeshop.

WOMAN: Oh, how was that play you went to see last night? I heard it was really amazing.

MAN: It was FANTASTIC. It was so sexy.

WOMAN: Oooo. Sexy.

MAN: It was… it was way more than sexy. It was sensual bliss. Light dappled on skin, the intimacy – every move every actor made was just… dripping with sex.

WOMAN: I see.

MAN: It was… [groaning]

WOMAN: It was… animal?

MAN: Animal. Yeah. Man. It was so… mmmm…

WOMAN: You know, that kind of animal sexuality can turn really quickly into horrible violence.

MAN: I… guess…

WOMAN: And everyone’s watching it and thinking, “Yeah! Yeah. I’ve been here before.”

MAN: Uh…

No. That’s definitely just you thinking that.