Overheard: Unintentional Reunion

I overheard two women talking at a restaurant.

WOMAN ONE: Oh! I forgot to tell you. I was at the grocery store the other day and this guy came up to me and he kept looking at me really weird and I was like, “Um, hello?” and he finally was all, “Are you Stephanie?” And I’m thinking, like, how the hell does he know my name?

WOMAN TWO: Totally!

WOMAN ONE: This is really creepy. And I’m like, “…yes,” and he was like, “Stephanie BROWN?” and I was like THIS IS SO WEIRD how does he KNOW who I AM? So I’m like, “…yes,” and he goes, “We were in grade seven together, remember?

WOMAN TWO: Did you remember?

WOMAN ONE: Okay, so, like, I go, “Um, what’s your name?” and he goes “Nicholas,” and – okay, let me tell you, the picture that comes up in my mind is of this teenage boy with long curly blonde hair. I mean, GREAT hair. And this guy is bald, okay?


WOMAN ONE: So I’m trying to reconcile his face with the picture in my head and I’m like, “I… think so?” and then he’s like, “Do you remember that time we went to the beach as a big group and we had a campfire and everything?” and I, like, vaguely remembered, but it wasn’t like we were friends, you know? I mean, we just knew the same people pretty much.

WOMAN TWO: How did he recognize you, then?

WOMAN ONE: Well, I was wondering that too. My dad was like, “It’s because he studied you in grade seven, obviously.”

WOMAN TWO: Obviously.