Overheard: Lobster Shorts

I was sitting at a sushi restaurant and suddenly a woman leaned over and started talking to a man at another table.

WOMAN: [with happy surprise] You have lobster shorts!

MAN: [startled] Um… wh – what?

WOMAN: You do! I saw you wearing them at the store – oh, they were ADORABLE.

MAN: Well… no, actually.

WOMAN: You’re not wearing them today, though?

MAN: …because… I don’t own lobster shorts.

WOMAN: You do! They’re SO GREAT, little lobsters with liiiiittle lobster faces, and glasses.

MAN: I’m sorry…

WOMAN: Later on I saw them for sale on the rack and I’m like, “Hey! It’s just like that guy!”

MAN: [dying of awkwardness] I guess I’ll… I’ll have to buy some, then. And wear them for you.

WOMAN: Hooray!

Photo Moira Rae Carter