Overheard: Sparkling Clean

I overheard two people talking in a restaurant.

MAN: Hey, Suzy! Smells great in here.

WOMAN: Tomato sauce. Good, huh? You know what ELSE smells good? The DISHWASHER.

MAN: It’s raining like crazy outside.

WOMAN: I cleaned the dishwasher today.

MAN: Is there pasta?

WOMAN: Ask me about the dishwasher.

MAN: Is there pasta.


MAN: Okay. Tell me about the dishwasher.

WOMAN: I cleeeeeaned it. I got out the cleaning tools, you know, that the repair guy gave us? That little pick thingie? For the mineral deposits? I worked for, like, HOURS getting all of that stuff off. ALL of the jets work now.

MAN: That’s… wow.

WOMAN: I looooved doing it! All the dishes are so clean. You should go look.

MAN: Well, um…

WOMAN: This morning? I sang for crippled old people. Cleaning the dishwasher totally trumped that. Seriously? I have no idea what’s wrong with me.