Life in the 1950s

What was life like in the 1950s? My mom, who survived them, gave us a glimpse.

“Of course the instructional shorts from the fifties are all made-up things about how here’s how it would be if we were all SUCCEEDING in how you’re supposed to be all the time. But I didn’t actually know any people who WERE succeeding.

But there was that standard of here’s how you’re supposed to be. Yeah, there’s a lot of conforming kind of ideas of how to proceed with your life. What will happen next, up until you die pretty much. And if you’re a man of course what you will do is get some job and worky worky worky worky worky worky and then you have one vacation – yeah, it was very, it was all laid out already. And if you’re doing the right thing, this is what you get.

And I knew a lot of people who sort of went, ‘Eeeeww, THIS is the great reward for doing the right thing? [laughing and laughing] I don’t even WANT the dumb reward.'” – Kite, 2009

Oh man, I miss that voice.