Overheard: One More Drink

I overheard three 19 year olds talking at the park.

GIRL: They got that new law, that zero tolerance thing if you’re, like, under 21 –

JESSICA: Yeah, if they catch you behind the wheel you’re fucked.

BOY: My girlfriend doesn’t let me drink AT ALL anymore because of it.

GIRL: [laughing] Wait… so you don’t drink at all? YOU?

BOY: Well. Unless you count beer for breakfast.

GIRL: You’re a fucking alcoholic.

BOY: If you drink in the morning you’re automatically an alcoholic? No way.

GIRL: That’s BAD.

BOY: Hey – Jessica? What’s your definition of an alcoholic?

JESSICA: Um… I think if you’re drinking beer for breakfast that’s a bad sign.

BOY: I don’t do it, like, EVERY DAY. Just sometimes. If there’s nothing else.

JESSICA: What do you mean “nothing else”.

BOY: Like if there’s nothing to eat! If the fridge is empty and there’s nothing. No orange juice or whatever. That doesn’t make me an alcoholic.

JESSICA: [muttered] That makes you something.

BOY: Just on Fridays, okay? I just make sure to have one beer to have for breakfast on Fridays. That’s all.

GIRL: If you drink after work, you’ve had a hard day. That’s fine! But for breakfast –

BOY: [laughing] What’s the DIFFERENCE?

GIRL: It’s like – the way MY dad drinks. All day every –

BOY: Your dad IS an alcoholic.

[long pause]

GIRL: I know. It’s… disgusting. He’s disgusting.

[long pause]

BOY: Well. My dad’s no better.

GIRL: I can’t wait to get my own apartment.

JESSICA: You’ll totally do it.

BOY: Yeah. You will. You will.

Photo Justine