Click: Punch

Click: true moments collected over the years. Stories too short for the stage.

So like good hipster parents we take our kid to see an artsy play in the park.

“Donations only, please! Sliding scale.” It’s about the end of the world. I mean, of course it is. And none of the carefully crafted “YOUR SHIP IS SINKING IN MELTING ICE” metaphors are working for the kids. Until the puppets appear. And… Punch.

“I’m Puncinello! My teeth are yellow!”

And you can see all the hipster parents drawing back a bit. Because after Punch, who comes next? That’s right. Judy.

“You’re singing so loud, you woke up the baby!”


And now the parents are looking really freaked out because what comes after Judy? That’s right. The domestic violence.


“Shut that BABY UP.”

“YOU shut the baby up!” And Punch takes out a big stick.

And the children are watching with big horrified eyes and just as the parents are about to trample the puppet theatre en masse, WHO shows up? Puppet Stephen Harper.

Judy says, “Get him, Punch!”

Punch screams, “You! YOU! You wouldn’t do ANYTHING to save the Canadians!” and starts beating Stephen Harper to death.

And then. Oh my god, then the children laugh and the parents are howling with happiness, and Judy has a turn with the stick and one woman in a hemp poncho is actually crying with laughter.

Afterwards the hipster parents hurriedly gather Bronwyn and Rufus and the organic carrot sticks and hurry away, eyes dark with the shame of how much they fucking loved that show.

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Photo Jason Henry