Click: Peeling Paint

I am peering in the window. The paint is peeling. I mean, the paint is peeling spectacularly. Blue walls, blue ceiling, blue floor. Great swaths of ocean and sky. Paint careening in long curls off every surface of this travel agency – or what was a travel agency, once. A half-filled cup of coffee sits on one of the dusty desks.

“It looks like they left in a hurry,” the hero of this movie would say as she gingerly picked her way through bits of broken vase, peering at the Viva Cuba poster on the floor. “Something terrible must have happened here,” she’d say, but of course there is no bioengineered virus. No flaming skyscrapers. Not even one limping zombie. I mean. Who terrorizes Canada? This place is just abandoned.

The travel agents run, screaming. Stuffing the last of their papers in the overflowing trash. Knocking over flowers, trampling each other in their mad rush to escape the scariest monster of all. The Recession.

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photo: Pat Joyce