Overheard: Subway Journey

Click: true moments collected over the years. Stories too short for the stage.

I overheard two TTC workers talking.

MAN: Just got off?

WOMAN: Yeah. Long shift at Union. You know what the crowds are like there. Exhausting.

MAN: You pick it?

WOMAN: Union was my LAST choice, man. Some guys love it, though.

MAN: Like Charlie Wang.

WOMAN: Charlie Wang was a LEGEND.

MAN: You know, he used to sleep there between shifts sometimes? Had a blanket there and everything.

WOMAN: Not surprised.

MAN: Toothbrush, comb…

WOMAN: He was a machine. Thirty years. Then he just lost it.

MAN: Wait, I didn’t hear about that.

WOMAN: His wife passed away, he fell apart. He realised he’d wasted all those years working and missed the best part.

MAN: Yeah. [sighs] Yeah. I know what you mean.

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Photo Jay Woodworth