True Stories, Made Up Plays – The Last Show

What if Schoolhouse Rock’s Interjections and True Stories, Made Up Plays had an animated baby? Let’s find out!

For two years, I’ve been producing True Stories, Made Up Plays.

Storytellers tell true stories from their lives, and then improv troupes play with their experiences. A true theatre of the imagination. This show has played host to some of my favourite stage moments – Paloma Nunez meeting Paul McCartney, Maria Hajigeorgiou as the principal who finally got the bully to stop with secret words, Jess Grant playing an entire town by herself… I will miss this show like crazy.

But after two years, it’s time to move on to new projects, and on June 29 we’re saying goodbye with a bang. This show is hosted by Catherine McCormick and features storytellers Zabrina Chevannes, Jess Beaulieu, and Sage Tyrtle. (Look, I love these people. I want to play too. It’s the last show! Shut up.)

And then, improv troupes will play with the storyteller’s experiences. To say goodbye properly, we’ve got House Team Corgi in the Forest (Andrea Ballentyne, Courtney Walker, Sally Smallwood, and Assorted Special Guests), the Bad Dog Rep (we don’t know which ones yet, it’s like conveyer belt sushi, we’ll find out as they come out on stage), and a roster of Super-Stars: Isaac Kessler, Cameron Algie, Natasha Boomer, Ashley Botting, Jess Grant, Hayley Kellett, Jenny Serwylo and Sean Tabares. Chris New will be on the keys the entire night.

Please join me in saying goodbye to this show. It’s free. 7 PM, June 29, Comedy Bar (Bloor, west of Ossington).