The Prince: True Stories, Made Up Plays

Storytelling and improvised scenes both create a theatre of the imagination. As you listen to a story, you are picturing every moment in your own head. And as you watch an improvised scene, your mind automatically fills in the set. The lapping lakeshore, or the grimy gutter – you can’t help but fall into the moment.

Improvised theatre that takes a true story and weaves it into something entirely new, expanding a real world into something fantastical, is an experience that enthralls me every single time.

I’ve been producing the show “True Stories, Made Up Plays” since June of 2011. I’m wealthy in talented friends, and the stage is always filled with compelling storytellers and hilarious improvisers.

This is a three minute sample of the December show, featuring Marilla Wex and improv troupe The Fingers. And a real live Prince.

Next show: January 19. Featuring true stories by Janet Davidson, Gerard Harris, and Anders Yates. Then improv troupes Standards and Practices, solo Laura Bailey, and house team Corgi in the Forest will play with their experiences.